Mini Outrigger Hydroplane


• Total Length: 440 mm
• Tub Lenght: 401 mm
• Tub Height: 40 mm
• Tub Outside Width: 54 mm
• Tub Inside Width: 48 mm
• Sponson Lenght: 263 mm
• Sponson Width: 18 mm
• Ride-Pads Size: 103 x 24 x 1.5 mm
• Ride-Pads AoA: 4°
• Ski Width: 20 mm
• Ski AoA: 1.5°
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The hull is made of epoxy resin FRP composite materials and high quality gel coats. There is no deform when time goes by.

Suitable for small scale electric racing.



1.  This hull does include 1 x Carbon Fiber RC Boat Water Stabilizer Trim Tab Fin, as shown in the pictures.

2.  The hull does not include:  All electronic and hardware accessories, ie. the rudder, shaft & etc  are for illustration only.

3.  FRP Motor Mount included.

4.  The last photo illustrating the sizes compared to the larger outrigger !  This listing is for the smaller outrigger.  If you want to buy the larger one, please see our listings.


Video Links for the Build & Runninng & testings


• Motor: Brushless in-runner or out-runner, no water cooling
• Motor Size: 28×40 up to 30×50 mm
• Motor with 2S LiPo: 4400-4800KV
• Motor with 3S LiPo: 3300+ KV
• Prop with 2S LiPo: 430 or 432
• Prop with 3S LiPo: 427
• ESC: 40-60A with no water cooling
• Battery/ESC Connector: XT60 or T-connector
• Servo: Mini/Micro with metal gears
• Battery: 2-3S LiPo with a aprox max size of 118 x 35 x 18 mm
• Motor Mount: Use what you think is appropriate
• Driveline: Use what you think is appropriate
• Rudder: Use a mini-rudder that you think is appropriate


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