RC Sailplane Streamline thermal Glider 1.8M Passer Fiberglass fuselage ARF


Version                                           ARF

Power                                             Thermal ( Motorised version avaiable upon request)
Wingspan (mm)                           1800
Wing Area (dm. sq)                     27.8
Wing Load (g / dm sq)               18
Wing Type                                     S4083
Wing Material                             Balsa Wood
Fuselage Length (mm)              1020
Fuselage Color                            White
Center of Gravity                       33/100
Number of Servo                       9g x 4 (Optional)
Recommended Motor              No
Recommended ESC                 40A
Recommended Radio              4 – 5 Channel (Optional)
Recommended Battery           2S LiPo (Optional)
Propeller                                    9 X 5″(Optional items not included)
Net Weight (kg)                        0.48
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The new 1.8M Passer Thermal Glider 3 Channel RC ARF Sailplane with v-Tail Kit. Features a fuselage made of high quality fiberglass and balsa wood wings with plastic covering. The Passer’s sturdy fiberglass fuselage protects your sensitive electronics while also being weight-effective for excellent flying and stability.
The Passer is ideal for slope flying, featuring a fully controllable tail wing and ailerons. With a maximum weight of just 360g (without radio gear and battery) the Passer is easy to glide and supreme in light conditions.
  • Excellent Almost Ready-to-Fly (ARF) 3 channel radio controlled sailplane
  • The new strengthened Passer Glider Wing incorporated with dual carbon fiber rod insertions to improve stability.
  • Streamlined fuselage made of fiberglass and comes with control-rods already factory-installed.
  • Conventional Rib, Spar frame structure wing and tail-surfaces, covered with quality plastic film. Easy to assemble and repair with wings made of quality balsa wood.
  • Easy to assemble and dis-assemble for transportation.
  • CG: 33/100


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